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The Bill Bachao App is available for Android users only. You can download the Bill Bachao App for your app store. Check out the details here:

No. Bill Bachao is currently only available for Android users.

Bill Bachao is completely free to use App/service.

Every day Mobile Operators are launching and discontinuing hundreds of new plans across various states, which means you end up with tens of thousands of plans and options to choose from. At Bill Bachao, we go through those plans and recommend the best plan that suits your usage.

We also recommend the best network in your location based on the network's signal strength, data speed and user ratings.

To make your mobile service experience easy and seamless, we offer one click solutions for activating DND, deactivating VAS, checking balance and much more on our app

We take your exact usage and map them against millions of combinations of plans available in the market to arrive at one which best suits you. We also consider network data points of your location and everyone around to arrive at a network which is best suited for you.

An optimized plan/top-up combination can cost Rs. 312 whereas a badly chosen plan can cost more than Rs. 2000. Mobile number portability (MNP) has rolled out across India making this the best time to re-evaluate your mobile plan and change operators.

We update our service at least daily and are working on tools and processes to help us do this in real time.

Signal strength is measured in dBM, we have categorized all signals below -75dBM as good, between -75 dBM and -100 dBM as Average and below -100dBM as poor.

All the information pertaining to signal strength and data speed is crowd-sourced from all our user's handsets for a particular location. (for iOS and Web users we will not be able to take this information). User ratings is the average of the ratings shared by all our users.

Whilst our Mobile App captures your usage information automatically, on our site, you have to enter details about your usage. This helps in giving you a more accurate recommendation for your mobile plan. Different plans offer different benefits depending on your usage and in order to improve accuracy it is always better to provide as much detail as possible

We use information to provide you with savings and network recommendations. You can read details in our terms and conditions to find out more. Data is made anonymous and you can be certain that your exact information is never shared.

We would love that! You can share your feedback at

3G is the third generation of mobile phone standards and technology. It means faster internet speeds, which means you can enjoy faster video and browsing.

The operators have launched 3G as small screen plans for mobile phones and large screen plans for data cards. 3G phones can accommodate broadband applications like video conferencing, video streaming etc. While 3G data cards deliver data to your PC or other devices.

No. 3G features are available only on mobiles that support HSPA and WCDMA bands. If you are unsure whether your phone supports 3G, download our app and we will tell you

3G networks have potential transfer speeds of up to 3 Mbps (about 15 seconds to download a 3-minute MP3 song). For comparison, the fastest 2G phones can achieve up to 144Kbps (about 8 minutes to download a 3-minute song).

It completely depends on your data usage pattern. Bill Bachao is your ultimate solution for making the right choices on 3G plans.

4G is mobile communications standard intended to replace 3G, allowing wireless Internet access at a much higher speed. Soon to be launched in India in a big way.

If you use your phone for downloading images & videos on WhatsApp, watch lot of clips on Youtube or watch Facebook videos or if you use google map services consistently you should try 4G services offered by operators

Most service operators have enabled 4G by cities, but coverage for 4G is expected to improve further. Download the Bill Bachao app and we will keep track of such deployments and will let you know if you have 4G in your location.