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3 Things That Will Make Your Phone Smarter This Year

All geared up for 2016? Good to hear a big ‘Yes’! While many folks are still skirmish about the uncertainties this new year has got along with itself, it’s time we address our minds full of expectations & anxiety about the mobile industry. Well, we might not be experts in telling you how 2016 will change your life; but we can try reduce the uncertainty by telling you about some important predictions that have been made in regards to the mobile and wireless technology:

1. Better Security

In today’s era, most of the work in an average person’s life is carried out through his smartphone. This would include chores including managing your online recharge by net banking to handling the various devices at your home like your television or your wearables.

2016 is expected to make the biometric system more common and enable you to connect more devices with your smartphone, hence increasing the security of your devices as well as your data.

2. Mobile Marketplace

The use of mobile apps for making online sale and purchase of goods is on a rise. Hence, 2016 is expected to bring about a change in such apps in the sense that they are likely to become more user-friendly, easier to use and much more secure.

3. Voice and Gesture Control

While it is already a widespread culture in the western world to control one’s mobile phone using voice command method, the same hasn’t quite picked up yet in India. However, 2016 is expected to change this by introducing the Indian population to various new ways of handling their mobile phones, including the use of voice command and gesture control methods.

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