6 Reasons why you need a Prepaid Mobile Bill

Did you know India has the highest number of prepaid mobile users across the globe? A whopping 95% of the users in India are prepaid subscribers and majority of them have no clue about their voice or data plan and their expiry date. To add to this, information offered by the telecom operators isn’t sufficient enough and often creates confusion. Worse if the user decides to contact the customer care, complex IVR and self-help menus add to their woes. Ever imagined how sorted you’d on getting a prepaid bill just as postpaid users do? We’ll help visualize, read on.

No more wondering, ‘how much data did I consume this month’.

No more wondering

With a detailed call log, know whom did you speak to the most.

detailed call log

Optimize your spends by switching on to the best mobile plan available.

Optimize your spends

Start using special top-ups that you didn’t even think of before and see how much money you missed saving over these many years.

special top-ups

No more unused calls or messages.

optimized usage

Know your usage before your next recharge.

understand your usage

If this makes sense, download Bill Bachao now and get your prepaid bill today!

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