things a girlfriend does that annoy you

7 Annoying Habits Every Guy Hates About His Girlfriend

Dear guys,

We know you love your girlfriends. And we also know you’d go to the moon and back for them, but? Yes, this ‘but’ is what this little piece of listicle is about. And dear women, pardon us for this. It’s all meant in good humour! But hey, read on.

So we present to you ‘JUST’ 7 of some 100 habits of a girl, that make a guy want to hang himself:

1.) The Unending Wait

a guy sitting waiting

It feels like time stops everytime you wait for her to get dressed. Hours come and go and so does the excitement as you keep on waiting.

2.) The Shopping Expeditions


A guy gets acquainted with the fact that his girlfriend shops more than she wears. But what he hates more is that he is supposed to accompany her not only as a ‘trolley’, but also as the advisor who is supposed to know the difference between Rose Pink and Salmon Pink.

3.) Expecting Him to Remember Dates!

when someone gets dizzy

‘One month anniversary’, ‘First Time We Met Anniversary’, ‘One and a Half Month Anniversary’; she just keeps increasing the numbers on that list. No man in this worldly dimension can remember all of them, but if you dare forget a date, get ready to stand guilty of disloyalty.

4.) The Mandatory “Good Morning” Texts

searching for the phone

The first thing you need to do when you get up is ‘report’ with a text. No, you cannot skip the routine.

5.) “Kya Soch Rahe Ho?”

reaction when someone asks a question

If “Kuch nahi” is your answer, you’re in trouble my friend! You will be accused of hiding something, or plotting a terrorist strategy. Buddy, sitting quietly is not an option.

6.) Guilt Tripping

reaction when you are disappointed

Yes! This is an art that’s beyond the understanding of any mortal. If you try to argue and prove your point, God save you! She’ll convince you that you are a monster; and if nothing works, you will be attacked with the ‘Brahmastra’ of tears!

7.) “Baby, mera phone recharge karva do please!”

taking money from someone

Your wallet already makes you cry everytime you look at it. And upar se her recharge is your responsibility. But thank god for the Bill Bachao app that gives you cashback on every recharge! At least there is one point that doesn’t need to hurt so much. Download now!