7 Mobile problems that’ll make you relate to Murphy’s Law

Are you someone who believes that anything can go wrong, worse – will go wrong, all the time, every time, without a doubt, especially when you expect it the least? If this sounds like you, then you’re sure to be living under the influence of Murphy’s Law.

Who’s Murphy & why is he sounding so pessimistic?
If you’ve been wondering who’s Murphy, here’s what you must know. Murphy’s law is an adage (satirical statement) that is as old as humanity. It’s first ever usage dates back to 1866. The law simply states, “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” It’s been built on solid principles of forward thinking and preparing for unforeseen contingencies. Today we’ll look at some positive twists to this law that will help you deal with unexpected problems that your mobile throws your way.

When you’re desperately trying to reach customer care and the line is continuously busy.


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When you exhaust your data plan and the speed comes down from 4mbs to 512kbs.


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On seeing your mobile bill despite of curbing calls and data usage for the entire month.


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When you try economizing on the character length of your text message.


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When you get stuck with a wall charger to be able to attend that one important call.


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When you’re sick of your mobile operator and the customer care exec explains the MNP process.


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On getting annoying spam calls when you expect them the least.


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