7 reasons why mothers are best financial planners

7 Reasons Why Mother Are Ultimate Financial Planners

A mother’s financial management skills cannot be matched by any management guru. She’s the superwoman we watch growing up, and it is her superpowers that make us admire her more with each passing day. A mother pretty much single handedly manages the entire family with her unique skills. She’s the culmination of the best put together in one. A mother is the best strategist when it comes to finances and it is evident by the following instances:

1. You get paid, and so does your dad!

when mom gives you money

A mother gracefully takes on the role of a ‘manager’ of the house. She keeps a track of expenses and forms the budget. Your dad relies on her for this, and you rely on her for your pocket money.

2. She can make money from garbage

recycling garbage

There’s a specially reserved cupboard in every house for old newspapers. Well, she knows to earn money from trash too.

3. She can save bucks and environment too

panda playing with a toy

All the cold drinks you sip leave behind plastic bottles that are put to better use when your mom stores cold water in them. That way she not only saves money, but saves the environment too. She can save the expense of plastic mugs and buckets by simply using paint containers. They are sturdy and most of all, free!

4. She utilises resources well

food tricks

Every Indian kid experiences this. It’s a management trick that has been used for ages in our households. The tasty pav bhaji dinner that you had last night will appear the next day in your breakfast plate. You learn the value of not letting things go to waste from your mother.

5. Gift wrappers are actually a gift

gift wrapping paper

All the gifts you get on your birthday are actually put to better use by your mother. She proves her foresight and planning ability when she neatly preserves the gift wrappers and utilises them to wrap more gifts than you actually received!

6. She will always have money when you need

mom giving a hug

Moms are the best because they never let their problems touch you. No matter, how difficult the state of finances in the house is, she will give you money with a smile if you genuinely need it. She is the best financial planner because she can manage in whatever she has.

7. She’s blessed with a Hawk’s eyesight for discounts

I am watching you

This is her ultimate superpower. No discount offer can escape a Mother’s eye. She knows from where and how to get the best deal.

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