things that make you happy

8 Little Joys That Instantly Bring a Smile on Your Face

As someone has rightly said; “It’s the little things that make life wonderful.”

These are the things that don’t have a heavy price tag but are nevertheless precious. A compliment, a surprise by someone special or just discovering stuff that unexpectedly gives us the delight that cannot be ‘bought’.

Here’s a list of such little joys that can make you smile, no matter how your difficult or easy your life is.

1.) When dad says, “I’m proud of you.”

smiling when someone praises you

There is something absolutely wonderful about that feeling when your father says it, isn’t it?

2.) When friends come to wish you at 12 AM on your birthday.

leonardo di capris raising a toast

Getting a phone call is one thing, but when a friend actually takes the pain of visiting just to wish you on your special day, it’s something else.

3.) When you unexpectedly find Rs. 100 in your pocket.

kid showing money

Who doesn’t like money eh? But getting money when you least expected, is one of the better feelings!

4.) Getting a call from an old friend.

girl checking her phone

If a visit from your bestie on your birthday is special, then so is getting a call from an old friend after a long time. You might not have been in touch for a long time, but just that sense of happiness is enough to forget everything else.

5.) When a friend offers to pay for you.

guy smiling with happiness

Yes we know it doesn’t happen quite often, but whenever it does, it doesn’t cease to bring a smile on your face.

6.) When you realise someone is flirting with you.

when a girl is flirting with you

If you’re a guy reading this article, we have a question for you. Just how many times have you experienced a woman flirting with you?

7.) When the friendly shopkeeper gives you an ‘exclusive discount’.

shahid kapoor happy

Getting an exclusive discount at your regular store is one thing, but not as simple as one getting a discount when you visit a new store. Remember that!

8.) When you spend money on recharging your phone but get a cashback.

smile when you get something unexpectedly

Big savings or small savings; there’s something about money that’ll always bring a smile on your face. Well yes, it’s not a good way of putting it, but money is probably the only type of happiness that can be quantified in the form of a number.

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