8 Things Only People Who Talk On The Phone For Ridiculously Long Hours Will Understand

Are you that one person in your group of friends who is always on the phone? Are you the one who never hangs up the phone first?  If yes, here is a list of 8 things you’ll love to read. Curated and created by people who fit the bill. If talking to people is an art, you my friend are an artist! So read on. Psst, we’ve got something just for you right at the end of this listicle.

1) Talking on the phone for ridiculously long hours without falling short of conversations is your superpower.

talk too much

2) You get to hear the typical ‘Aag lag jaye tere phone ko’ from your mother on a regular basis.

when mom loses her cool

3) You’re taking one of those ‘I didn’t want to take a walk, but took one anyway because I was on the phone and did not realise it until I hung up’ type long walks without even realising it on multiple occasions.

walk the talk

4) Calling that one best friend and sharing even the minutest details of your day is like a habit you just cannot give up.

talking non-stop

5) Your phone’s awful battery life is your biggest nemesis.

Phone's battery sucks

6) If your phone’s battery is your arch enemy, then the power bank is your super friend.

wall charger

7) Borrowing a friend’s phone because you’ve already exhausted the balance on your phone is not uncommon for you.

can I borrow your phone please

8) Your phone bills are inexplicably large and you have no clue where the balance went. Duh!

Long bills? Says who

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