8 Things you must know about Budget 2016

Budget 2016 is out and we heard you cringing over its complex concepts, which is why we thought of bringing the best of budget in a nutshell. Since we’ve all been patiently waiting for Mr. Jaithley to pop-open his Pandora’s box like briefcase, let’s have a look at things that might impact us the most:

Mineral water and soft drinks would cost 3% more than what you paid earlier.


Shopping therapy wouldn’t be relaxing any longer as branded clothes are now costlier.


Cars got costlier as buyers will pay 1% to 4% more over and above the on-road price.


Be ready to pay more per puff as cigarettes got expensive by 10%-15% depending on what you smoke.


Eating out will be more expensive post June 1st 2016.


Evoke the entrepreneur in you as you’d get tax exemption for 3 years if you put up a start-up.


Start cutting down on your power consumption or be ready for a rude shock as the tax on it has been doubled.


Stuck between EMI or Rent? Pick EMI any day as you’d get a rebate of Rs 50000 on interest for a loan up to Rs 35 lakh. 


Your mobile bills got dearer as you’d pay additional 0.5% tax from now on. But relax as Bill Bachao can still help you save up to 30% on your mobile bills. Try it here, it’s free!


Lastly, all your expectations about Income Tax slab relaxation were in vain as they continue to remain the same.


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