Best mobile apps for students

9 Apps Every College Student Should Have On His Phone

What’s common between Wine and Technology? They get better with time!

To put it in other words, the coolest thing about a technology is that it innovates and evolves. The scope of its usage and functionality widens with each passing day.

Take for example, a mobile phone.

What was once a luxury has now become a necessity for every college going student. What was once an accessory, has now become a gadget that can do and know almost everything that you need to do and know at the touch of a button.

All thanks to the diverse mobile applications it can be equipped with. So check out this list of apps that are both entertaining and useful for every college student today.

1.) Snap2PDF 

slow loading pages and videos

This app lets you capture and share all documents in PDF format. You can also backup important data on the Cloud. Snap2PDF also recognizes the text from images and the text can be copied and pasted to SMS, Email, and Clipboard with ease!

2.) UC browser

high speed browser
high speed browser

Who has the patience to wait for slow loading pages and videos? With the UC Browser you can not only surf and download faster, but also control videos with gestures.

3.) Duolingo

amaze your friends

A language learning app, Duolingo can teach you English, Spanish, French, German and many more languages. Oh and it’s simple too! So go and amaze your friends with your newly acquired language skills.

4.) Splitwise

split the bill among friends


Dosti me hisaab nahi hota, but when you need it, make sure you do it with the head and not the heart. Splitwise will help you split household bills with roommates, figure out costs for a group vacation, or just about anything you and your friend spend money on. Good right?

5.) Meetup

meeting new people

Newly moved to a city? Want to jam with other musicians but don’t have any leads? Or simply want to spend an evening with like-minded people? Download Meetup and find groups of people meeting up in real life who share your interests.

6.) SHAREit

share photos songs and music

An app that lets you transfer files at amazing speed. Be it songs, photos or videos, simply SHAREit!

7.) MapmyIndia

Drive using navigation

This app is like that one friend who is familiar with all those tiny and virtually unheard of bylanes of the city. Google Maps might not understand the local names of your streets and societies, and that’s when MapmyIndia will locate your spot.

8.) Employment News in India

phil dunphy thumbs up

Admit it; towards the end of college, all you are going to be worried about is getting a job! Well this app is going to prove very resourceful. It will give you constant updates of Government job openings and competitive exams.

9.) Bill Bachao 

robert downing jr blowing money

Last but not the least, there’s our own homegrown Bill Bachao app. As the name suggests, Bill Bachao aims at the something every college wants; getting more for every buck spent! It not only lets you recharge and pay your mobile bills, but also tells you about the best and most affordable mobile recharge plan according to your usage and preferences. And the cherry on top? Bill Bachao gives a 5% cashback on every recharge above INR 100 and a whooping 10% cashback on every recharge above INR 250! So why wait? Download now!