Android Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow: Latest Updates In Google’s Operating System

Android M or Android Marshmallow has been released in the form of a developer’s preview by Google earlier this year, and is set to release to the final consumer build later this fall.

  • There are certain major changes in this new build by Google over its predecessor Android 5.0 or Lollipop. Two of the most crucial changes in Android 6.0 are more user-friendly app permission controls and the API level 23, which will include a stock protocol for the fingerprint security in 6.0.
  • The Android M preview 1, when released to the developers, had many new additions over the Lollipop build such as fingerprint API’s, better app permissions, new and improved app drawer and launcher, dark theme over the white theme, and mobile payments via Android Pay.
  • Another great feature that was introduced in the developer preview 1 was the ‘Doze’ feature that monitors the phone’s behaviour; and thereby adjusts its power consumption and decreases the charging time.
  • On the other hand, the Android M developer preview 2 update was released two months ago. This update was included with the updates to Voicemail service. Now, your Android phone will have a visual voicemail service that can be accessed from the dialer itself.
  • Another feature that the preview 2 sported was the ‘rotating home screen’. This gives you the ability to rotate your display to landscape and portrait mode, both on the in-app and home screen views.
  • Two other major changes we saw were the reappearance of the white theme and app drawer flaws, that were there in preview 1 (such as alphabetical sorting), have been fixed. Better RAM manager and the feature to reset the network were made available in the preview 2.
  • The third and the final build of the developer preview for Android Marshmallow has recently been released by Google and is compatible with selected Nexus devices. This update sports Finger-print API and enhancements in the user and app permission behaviour.
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