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Android Vs. Apple: Which Is better?

The debate between Apple and Android has been going on for quite a while now, and confusing every potential customer regarding the preferred choice. Here’s a comparison of some basic features between the two, which might help you make an informed decision.

1.    Fingerprint Sensor: The lock screen on Apple’s iPhone has a fingerprint sensor, which makes it very easy and secure for the owner of the device. Even though there are applications on Google PlayStore enabling android users to do this, they become less secure since this function isn’t in-built into their smartphones.

2.    Facetime: Another unique feature of Apple is Facetime, which enables users to make video calls right from their phones. Android is yet to introduce a similar technology.

3.    Camera: When phones of the same price range are considered, the cameras of Android smartphones provide more raw megapixels than the iPhone cameras. But, at the same time, Apple is known to use the best technology in their cameras to ensure proper post-processing.

4.    Keyboard: The Android keyboard has certain features, which Apple is yet to consider. One such feature is the swipe gesture in which all a user has to do is swipe through the keyboard to choose the required letters. There is also a very basic but helpful feature of the Android keyboard, which is not yet given by iPhone; i.e. they have punctuation marks on the same screen as the alphabets.

5.    Apps: What Android lacks in technology is made up with amazing app designs. Not only does the Google Playstore provide an app for almost everything imaginable, but the layout of an Android phone also enables the user to arrange their apps in a way that the important and regularly used apps are placed on the home screen itself, while the lesser used ones are kept in the app drawer. The iPhone app store is also pretty amazing, but it lags behind in terms of the number of apps that they offer.

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