Mobile Number Portability

Benefits Of MNP In Today’s World

It’s been five years since Mobile Number Portability was launched in the country. This is basically a system where customers don’t have to change their number, even if they switch to a different telecom operator. Since it was doubtful in the beginning whether this technology would benefit mobile users in India, this is the right time to analyze the results.

Certain advantages of MNP that can be noticed in India are:

1.    It is cheap and convenient: Mobile Number Portability was expected to be an expensive and lengthy affair, like it was initially. But today, with more and more advancement, MNP can be done with a single SMS for a very nominal price.

2.    Better service quality: The telecom companies which never believed in providing an efficient customer care service had to finally do so, in order to retain their customers. Since it is much easier now for the consumer to switch to a different operator; hence, the bargaining chip is back in the hands of the customers.

3.    Better offers: Since it is as easy to attract consumers now as it is to lose them, various companies have started offering incentives like free talk-time and attractive data pack, in order to convince the customers to migrate networks.

4.    Saving money: If you’re a user of the BillBachao app, you can see the difference between costs of the best mobile plans of various telecom companies. Moreover, you will also notice the difference in signal strength through the network signal strength checker. One can now easily migrate to a company which provides cheaper rates and better signal strength in their particular area, and save a lot of money in the long run.

5.    Advantage to the operators: With Mobile Number Portability, it is ensured that even if a small-time network operator provides amazing mobile services, he will be rewarded. It won’t be difficult for him to get consumers to migrate to his network. This gives a special advantage to the new and small-scale operators.

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