Blackberry Priv

Blackberry’s new android phone – pick or pass?

We’ve been reading a lot about Blackberry mending fences with Google after its long lost defeat in the smartphone war. Yesterday, this besieged smartphone manufacturer launched a brand new smartphone called Blackberry Priv that runs on Android and comes with an extra scoop of security.  This looks like Blackberry’s uptight attempt to make a comeback in the smartphone space.

Market Buzz:
There’s no saying no to the fact that most us lusted for a Blackberry in the pre-iPhone years. This pocket computer of the yesteryears was a super cool possession, rightly revered for it solid hardware and security features. But everyone who moved on to a touch phone powered by Apple (or for that matter Android) literally ROLF’ed at Blackberry ever since.

Universal Sentiment:
Blackberry has been riding on its superior built and security features since inception, but is that enough for users who’re spoilt of too many choices? Wonder, if the ability to send encrypted messages or smashing out a few more words-per-minute with that swanky keyboard would matter to the users today.

What’s in it for Google?
Google’s ecosystem would get a sizeable security boost along with access to a whole new set of uncompromising enterprise users with an ARPU much higher than any average Android user. By this, Blackberry would also acquire an active base of Android users. This might eventually result in a sales boost, we hope.

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