Can’t save enough? Here are 9 things you’d relate to, instantly

Most 20-somethings reading this post would agree that saving money is not a piece of cake. We think of saving money every month come what may, but all we’re left with is empty coffers. Come the 25th and we’re all broke and somehow struggle to live through the last week of each month. Here are some things you’d instantly relate to, if saving money has been a challenging task for you.

1. You reserve all your cool hangouts at beginning of the month as you’re left with no money by the end of it.

1. taylor-swift-shake-it-off

2. Biggest joke for you would be to cut costs to buy your dream gadget.


3. “Who the hell’s going to maintain AQB,” is what your bank account manager always shouts out loud!

3. AQB4. Your credit card eats up a major chunk of your salary.

4. Help me i'm poor5. You never plan your investments which is why you end up blowing money on taxes.

5. not again6. Every year you take an oath to save half of what your draw and it never happens.

6. selena-gomez-wizards-dont-gif7. You treat yourself with a lavish dinner in case you end up saving once.

7. Dinner 18. You’ve got no idea how did all your money go down the drain.

2. Saving for buying9. You end up sobbing looking at your bank account balance.

9. taylor-lautner-twilight-jacob-crying-man-boy-gif

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