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Choose The Best Service Provider For Your Locality

As expensive as your mobile may be, it’s nothing without a proper signal. And, to ensure a good signal, you need to ensure that you get a connection from the best service provider in all aspects in the area where you reside and work. Here’s a list of a few things you need to check, when choosing your service provider:

1. Comparing Plans: Various service providers offer a variety of schemes at different price ranges. You need to compare the offers in mobile recharge that each service provider gives, in the most favourable Postpaid plan or Prepaid recharge offer. This will help you figure out which service provider is perfect in this regard.

2. Comparing Data Speed: The use of mobile phones today has expanded much more than just making calls. One major such usage in the expanded horizon is the usage of mobile internet. Hence, when choosing a mobile connection, you must compare the data speed of various service providers in your area, to opt for the best.

3. Customer Service: In Digital India, it is not tough to find out the post purchase performance of any service. All you need to do is ask the existing customers for reviews. Hence, one must compare such reviews in order to compare the customer service of various service providers, and figure out the one that’s most favourable for them.

4. Coverage: The coverage of a service provider helps with the signal strength of your mobile phone. Therefore, it is very important to compare the coverage of each service provider in your locality, before deciding which one to buy your connection from.

Now, you may think that its not easy to compare the coverage of a particular service provider, without actually buying the connection. But, BillBachao has a solution for you. The brand new BillBachao mobile app has a unique feature of network signal strength checker where customers can check the signal strength of various service providers in their locality.

Moreover, this BillBachao app also helps you in comparing the best plans at the most favourable costs in your locality; you can read customer reviews for various service providers and also compare the data speed of various providers in your locality.

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