Mobile Technology in 2015

Developments in Mobile Technology in 2015

2015 was yet another golden year in terms of technological advancements all over the world. The communication sector, may it be in India or anywhere else, reached an all-new level of excellence and innovation, during this year. Now that we’ve reached the end of this year, let’s look back at some such advancements in the field of mobile communications that have made our lives easier.

1. Wearables: One major advancement that can be credited to the year 2015 is the introduction of various Android and iOS enabled wearables with diverse functions. These wearables include all kinds of devices, from smart jewellery and devices like the Apple Watch, to smart display devices like the Google Glasses.

2. Shift from e-commerce to m-commerce: Although the trend of mobile commerce (or m-commerce) wasn’t introduced in the year 2015, but it definitely gained a much stronger momentum during this year. Especially with the support of wearables, online transactions on mobile phones and other wireless devices increased exponentially in the year 2015, as compared to 2014.

3. Location sensing: The GPS system in different smart devices has been helping us find our way, for a long time now. But India, in the year 2015, launched various navigational satellites and is now all set to develop its own location sensing system, known as the Indian Regional Satellite Navigation System. It has being claimed this technology would be much more accurate as compared to the GPS technology; and hence, would be much more helpful for tracking functions and anti-theft devices.

4. Advanced user experience application: Mobile applications, both on Google Playstore and Apple store, have also managed to provide an all new and innovative experience to mobile users. Applications like Instagram and BillBachao, keeping in mind the convenience of the users, came up with various new updates which allowed a one- stop access to various features required by the users.

While Instagram came up with all new filters to help the users edit their pictures to various different forms, BillBachao came up with a Self-Help section, where the users can request various services without having to look for the customer care numbers.

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