Month End Feature

7 Tips to Stay Rich & Ditch Month-End Woes

Does your wallet tend to scare you just as the month-end nears? Are you always broke before the salary gets credited to your account? Do you feel like money slips from your hands like grains of sand? If yes, then this article is customized just for you. Let us help you discover ways to utilise money in a way that you can fulfil all your necessities and still be left with money at the end of a month.

1. Learn to keep ‘hisaab’

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It is important to keep a track of your expenses. Conserve the bills from places you shop or eat, and calculate how much you spend per day. It will not only eliminate the “yaar paise kahaan kharch kiye pata hi nahi chal raha” statement every month, but also help you plan a budget for yourself.

2. Spend less than you earn

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Don’t indulge yourself in unwanted shopping escapades no matter how tempted you are. Restrain the desire to buy that super expensive, “mere budget mein to nahi hai lekin sab kharid rahe hain isliye main bhi kharidunga” type expensive smartphone until you’re making that kind of money yourself. Following this one tip will allow you to have sufficient money for essential expenses.

3. Don’t be a ‘Party Parinda’

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Don’t be a ‘Party Parinda’ if you don’t want your bank account to make you sharminda. Partying once in a while is acceptable, but if you are out celebrating every weekend you’re sure to end up broke by the third week of the month.

4. Put it in a bank

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If you are one of those people who have no control over their hands when their wallet is full, you NEED a bank. Deposit majority of your salary/allowance in your bank account and keep only what’s enough to get by for a week. And strictly stick to it till the end of the decided period.

5. “Beta, savings shuru kar do”

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Remember your mother constantly urging you to start budgeting your expenses? You call that nagging, but in reality, these little savings are definitely going to help you in the long run. Toh beta, savings shuru kar do!

6. Don’t take debts you can’t pay back


The best part about friends is that they are the ones you can rely on during your financial troubles. But then again, ask when it’s absolutely necessary and do not borrow money to fuel your luxuries. It will eventually lead you in taking favours you cannot pay back when promised. Avoid taking the burden of loans, and spend only what you can afford to.

7. Don’t underestimate the power of small savings

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Your phone can be a great tool to save money. For instance, there are apps from where you can order food or a cab and get discounts with coupons. And one of the best ways to save money through apps is the Bill Bachao app. Bill Bachao not only lets you track your balance and your mobile usage details, but also suggests the best recharge plan according to your usage so you don’t end up spending more.

As someone has rightly said, “A buck saved is a buck earned!”

So play it right, and stay rich.