DIY Doing stuff yourself

8 Things You’d Relate To If You Like Doing Stuff Yourself

It’s always a great feeling when you accomplish something on your own. And we’re not just talking about great things. We’re talking about things simpler than that. Something as simple as getting a grip on your life, doing something that makes your kin happy or maybe just doing something nice for someone sometime.

Well, the list is long. But the point is it’s always good to know that you’re capable of handling things on your own. You like to take charge of your life. That’s you! Here’s a list that you’ll connect to if you prefer handling stuff on your own.

1. You’re choosy

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Being choosy isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact being choosy implies that you’re mature enough to figure the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong, what you need and what you don’t. You’re choosy because you know what’s best for you.

2. You’re a perfectionist

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Because you’re choosy, you like everything to be perfect. You hate errors or mistakes. There are no adjustments or substitutes to that.

3. You don’t trust people that easily

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Because you’re a perfectionist, you want everything to be as per your taste and liking. You don’t trust people enough to do justice to the job at hand and insist on doing it yourself. Be it everyday chores or even buying a Rs. 100 recharge coupon for your phone.

4. You’re open to learning

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You don’t trust people, but you’re always open to learning new things; new art forms, et all. And that my friend, makes you awesome!Nobody is perfect, but what differentiates you from others is that you’re an ideas individual who’s willing to learn. You venture into the unknown, loose your way, and find a new way from the knowledge you gained there. You love doing research outside of your domain.

5. Your areas of expertise are vast

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Because you’re open to learning new things, your skills are not limited as compared to an average individual. You don’t like to rely on anyone and you can get things done on your own.

6. You’re an expert at putting your expertise to use

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Knowing things about something is one thing, but putting them to proper use is another. You excel at it!

7. You’re resourceful and organised

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You like everything to be streamlined and planned.When it comes to doing things yourself, you’re the ‘Jugaad King’!

8. You’re a big fan of ‘Self Help’ mobile apps

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Your phone is filled with utility apps. You like how mobile apps give you the power to be in control at all times at the touch of your fingertips!

So here’s Bill Bachao’s ‘Self Help’ feature which is a one-stop solution to all your mobile service needs.

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