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6 Faltu Kharchas Every Fashion Freak Does

Fashion is probably the most hated and most loved thing at the same time. It has been so since the beginning of style. From being a form of personal expression, it can go crazy lengths and become something totally outrageous and entirely illogical simply in attempts to look unique and apart from the crowd, especially a crowd that is getting more self-obsessed and fashion conscious.

Among all the chaos and mindless obsession, we can spot a lot of people spending like crazy in the name of fashion. So here is some Faltu Kharcha every fashion freak needs to stop doing:

1. Hundreds of Uncomfortable Shoes

ramp walk, beauty pageant, high heels

You know what stilettoes and 4-inch heels are? Uncomfortable. You know what happens half an hour after fashion freaks wear them? They can’t walk. One would think that after being uncomfortable once they wouldn’t buy those again, but apparently this is an indulgence that needs to be made hundreds of times. 

2. Make Up inspired by Clowns

make up

We may understand the need to look flushed in the cheeks because a blushing shy woman is the fantasy dream of a proud male of the finest species, but there is a need to re-evaluate life when your made-up face has a semblance to clowns.

3. Playing Holi with their Hair


Can we blame the good old YOLO again for this one? The feeling that you have just one life and to top that there are societal taboos and judgements makes people feel like they have to do all their hair colour experiments as soon and as quick as possible. Ultimately they are simply left with a broom on the head where hair used to be.

4. Using Nails as Oil Painting Canvas

nail art

Painting is a hobby but you don’t want to be conventional? No problem. Use body parts while you’re at it. Manicures and nail hygiene is one thing and spending crazy amounts of money for nail decoration that too as frequently as changing them every week or so is definitely a Faltu Kharcha. Also, when it comes to stressful moments and anxiety, art or not, we all end up chewing away the nails.

5. Jewellery that can Stab People

spiked collar

We all know that times are tough and a girl needs to carry self-defense weapons along, but wearing bracelets and shoulder pads that have half a feet long metal spikes jabbing out is not only a Faltu Kharcha but a serious hazard to public health.

6. Number of Hours Spent on Deciding Outfits

clothes, phoebe

A closet full of clothes and having nothing to wear is the biggest paradox of a fashion freak’s life. Unless they’re someone obsessed with organization and blessed with non-lazy genes and plan their outfits beforehand, chances are that a fashion obsessed person will spend hours changing from one outfit to another before stepping out of the house. 

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