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7 Types Of Faltu Kharcha Every Politician Does

A lot has been said and a lot has been written already on how politicians have been toying with the average taxpayers money, but this little piece is just our small attempt to share our views with you; albeit in a fun way.

Now there have been countless instances about how a politician has spent ludicrous amounts of money on things that can be termed as downright ‘Faltu Kharcha’.

In no way are we saying that every politician should be blamed or every politician is a villain, but there are things politicians do that make us want to say out loud…. “Sirji, Faltu kharcha kyun?”

1. Super expensive election campaigns

Arvind Kejriwal, muffler

Come election time, politicians rise up from their chairs like ignorant husbands and meet with the commoners to sweet talk them into voting. But instead of pampering the angered spouse that the Indian janta is, they simply decide to pamper themselves more, with huge banners, wasteful fliers, megaphones that make your ears bleed.

2. Spending money on hoardings like this one


Not sure what word describes it the best, but these hoardings? What is the purpose of it? The only thing they’ve managed to do is give us some smug giggles!

3. And this one


Because blame game is the best game; doesn’t matter if it’s the taxpayers money!

4. Literally giving out cash or distributing liquor and asking for votes

shots, vodka, alcohol

Oh, you didn’t know this? Distributing liquor was one of the most prevalent practice to beg for votes, but politicians have reached a new milestone by literally sending party workers to people’s homes and handing out cash to voters. Not only is this wrong in so many ways, but this is the most appropriate depiction of Faltu Kharcha.

5. Train of Security Cars

will farell

Have you ever experienced getting stuck in a traffic jam just because a biggie neta and his convoy has to pass through? Oh yes, they’re calling this faltu kharcha as ‘Z Security’!

6. Wasting money on things in the name of beautification and then not maintaining them

Tractor, Digging, Road work

Voting season ends, a politician is chosen and now it’s the politicians turn to fulfill the promises he has made ; starting with beautification of his ward/district/state (psst…did you notice the new ‘laal batti wali SUV’ outside his office?). Anyway, now there’s nothing wrong in a politician living up to his promise on this one, but beautifying the area and then neglecting those things after a few months is the Faltu Kharcha in this.

Examples: The street light which doesn’t work after 7pm (duh!), the dust bin that’s either broken from the time the English left India or dirtier than the garbage dumped in it etc.

7. Digging roads in the name of repairing and then re-digging them to repair them again

Street Light

Oh this is so much fun! Something we have to wonder that it must be some sort of a hobby to dig roads. Why do they love digging so much? Is it some kind of an archeological exercise? We’d never know!!!

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