12 Types Of Faltu Kharcha Twenty-Somethings Should Avoid

12 Types Of Faltu Kharcha Every Twenty-Something Needs To Stop Doing

Twenty something is an age that is best described as the stepping stone to the rest of your life. The choices you make now will define you and the rest of your life, so tread carefully.

There are temptations, there are ups and downs, there is a mid-life crisis (oh yes, there is!), there’s the happiness of scoring that perfect job and there’s hope for a better tomorrow.

However, there are times we go a little off track and let the temptations get the better of us. Yep, we’re talking about the numerous faltu kharcha’s you end up doing whilst trying to cement a concrete future for yourself. Can it be controlled? The answer is yes.

All you need is a little self-control and a little logic. So here are a few tips to save you from doing faltu kharcha:

1. Impulse buying

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Ever felt the urge to buy something you saw at a store window? We’re sure you have but think before spending. You might have just spent the money you could have used to recharge your phone when your data pack finishes at the end of the month!

2. Spending money reserved for emergencies

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Don’t let your “dekha jayega yaar” attitude get in the way of logic. It’s always good to have a specific amount reserved for an emergency. You never know when an unfortunate event strikes.

3. Borrowing money from friends and family to fund your luxuries


Friends and family are there to help, not to bear your unnecessary faltu kharcha. Not only are you being a spendthrift, but if you don’t return the money when promised, you’ll also lose your credibility with them.

4. The never ending credit card debt loop

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Always keep your credit card ‘strictly’ for emergencies. Don’t indulge yourself in using your credit card to fuel your ego in front of friends. And if you’ve gotten into this habit, then good luck for dealing with the overdue credit card payments and your declining credit scores.

5. Go out shopping without a list

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You’d be surprised how much faltu kharcha you end up doing when you go out without a shopping list. You end up buying things you don’t even need in the first place, so avoid it.

6. Buying things online without comparing and without discounts


We all love online shopping because of the ease of use and the vast array of options you get while doing so. Well, be a smart shopper at least once, dear one! Look for deals, look for discounts, look for cashback offers; it isn’t that difficult you know.

7. Taking money out of your savings when the month end woes kick in

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Do you know what the best way to avoid month end woes is? Planning your budget every month and sticking to it. Digging into your saving is just plain stupid.

8. Spending money on smoking and drinking

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We could go on and on and on about this but you already know everything there is to know about smoking and drinking, don’t you?

9. Eating out too much

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Going out with friends and family for a nice weekend dinner is a good way to spend time, but don’t overdo it. Do you want to end up in the category called the urban poor?

10. Spending too much on entertainment

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When you indulge in something for too long and too often, it becomes a habit. And anything in excess is not good. Especially when that habit drains out truckloads of cash from your wallet. Kharch karo lekin faltu kharch mat karo!

11. Erratic spending on expensive mobile phones

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Sure an expensive phone will give you supreme performance, but the same performance is also available on a phone that’s half the price. You don’t have to sell your kidney at a thrift shop or pawn your soul to Lord Voldemort for a phone, right? The trick here is, don’t go for the brand name. That’s it! In fact, check the ‘best handset suggestion’ on the Bill Bachao app and stop doing faltu kharcha on expensive mobile phones!

12. Faltu Kharcha on sky-high mobile phone bills



Now that you’ve made a smart choice by choosing a handset that best suits your needs, how about saving money on your mobile bills or mobile recharges? Faltu kharcha over sky-high mobile bills is an absolute no no! And in a nutshell, here is Bill Bachao that is your go-to app for all your mobile service needs.

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