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Faltu Kharcha Everyone Does When They Score Their First Job

Just one month into your new job comes the glorious day popularly known as “Pay Day”. This is the day when you truly learn the value of money and abstain from any Faltu Kharcha whatsoever. And if you thought the above sentence is true, then you are as gullible as a puppy. Faltu Kharcha is too deep rooted a problem for a mere pay cheque to solve.

Regardless of the package you draw, you can give in to the temptation of doing some Faltu Kharcha with your first pay. While there is a list of bizarre things people have wasted their first salaries on, we bring you a list of some common ones. Let us know in the comments section which ones you are guilty of.

1. Faltu Kharcha on an expensive treat 

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As soon as you receive your first pay, you find yourself treating the whole world and its aunt. School friends, college friends, office colleagues, building friends, tuition friends, cricket friends, and the list goes on and on.

2. Faltu Kharcha by showering your family with gifts 

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Keeping up with the Bollywood trend, Pehali Kamai is a time you go all out to show how much you love your family. Maa ke liye saree, Dad ke liye shirt, Chutki ka recharge, Daadi ke liye mithai… and this is just the beginning.

3. Faltu Kharcha by generously lending money to friends

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You don’t shy away from lending money to your friends. In fact, you insist they take the money and return whenever they can (which could also mean never). After all, what are friends for.

4. Paying all your old debts 

bank cards

Now that you are kind of loaded, you’ll want to pay back all your debts too. So the old canteen manager, the owner of the local bar, the paan wala etc. will be truly delighted with you for paying their bills and praise you non-stop. This flattery could even prompt you to tip them a little more than required.

5. Voluntarily paying for the tea breaks 

super man

During the tea breaks at the tapri, you try to be the Hero in the group and voluntarily pay the entire bill. What you don’t realise then is that all this dildaari, will come back to bite you at the end of the month.

6. Faltu Kharcha on expensive date nights 

Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts, Richard Gere

As if celebrating a series of love anniversaries wasn’t enough Faltu Kharcha, you now scale it up by visiting the expensive eateries in town. Candle light dinners and weekend parties become a de rigueur. And not to forget gifts, gifts, and more gifts.

7. Faltu Kharcha on cab rides 


All of a sudden, travelling by local transport gets too tedious. You just can’t handle the pollution, the crowd, and the heat. Your cell phone is loaded with all the hire-a-cab apps and you probably know a few of the drivers on first name basis.

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