8 Types Of Faltu Kharcha Indian Parents Do

8 Types Of Faltu Kharcha Indian Parents Need To Stop Immediately

When we say faltu kharcha parents do, in no way are we trying to demean them, but Indian parents do go overboard sometimes when it comes to splurging on their kids. Be it their education, their lifestyles, the food they eat, the clothes they wear…everything! Indian kids are a pampered lot right from day one.

Now, it’s certainly not a bad thing to splurge on kids, but overspending can cause some serious damage down the road.

These 8 situations aptly describe the ripe opportunities where parents go overboard and indulge n faltu kharcha for their kids.

1. Expensive private schools

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There’s nothing wrong with a parent wanting his child to get the best education, but spending ridiculous amounts of money every year in the name of fees is absolute faltu kharcha!

2. Expensive private tuitions

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And then there are the expensive private tuitions! Sure, not every child is the same and some need additional help, but hiring a private tutor and paying him a hefty amount just so that your child gets that ‘extra attention’ is faltu kharcha!

3. Humongous pocket money

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Ever seen a kid pulling out a Rs.1000/- note at a grocery store to buy a pack of chips and a cola? Well, that’s faltu kharcha for you right there.

4. Buying the latest mobile phones for kids

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Young kids roaming around with a 50k phone. How’s that even justified?

5. Buying cars/motorbikes for college students

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Somebody should actually write on book on how Indian parents pamper their kids. We’ve seen instances where kids below the legal driving age roam around in fancy cars or bikes. That for us is just pure faltu kharcha and nothing else.

6. Hefty donations to get their child into a good college

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Here’s the fun part; before even their child is admitted to a school or college, parents have already paid a fortune in the name of ‘donations’. You’d be surprised at the sums of money parents shell out just so that their child can get a seat in a top educational institute.

7. Foreign education

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A lot of parents do have this fascination to send their kids abroad for higher education and our question is, why? India has one of the best education systems in the world and to spend huge amounts of money by taking loans is not a good way of spending money on kids.

8. The big fat Indian wedding

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Of course, this one had to be on the list, isn’t it? It’s all about the big fat Indian wedding for parents, right? Such a faltu kharcha, right?!

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