Faltu Kharcha Every Smartphone Addict Does

Faltu Kharcha Every Smartphone Addict Does

You know a Smartphone Addict when you see one. While an average person checks his phone 110 times a day, an addict checks his phone as much as 900 times a day. And even if there are no stats for the amount of Faltu Kharcha they do on this addiction, experts guess it could be as much as the GDP of Romania.

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Here are some expenses of a smartphone addict that’ll make you go ‘Faltu Kharcha Kyun?’

1. Downloading all kinds of apps

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Whether free or paid, they want to try it all. Don’t be surprised to find apps like ‘Press the Button’, ‘Ghost Radar’ or ‘Hodor Keyboard’ on their phones.

Bhai, itni memory space laate kahan se ho?

That brings us to the next Faltu Kharcha…

2. A collection of memory cards

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Some people like collecting stamps, Smartphone Addicts like collecting memory cards. You could make a house of cards by stacking them up.

3. A zillion types of USB cords

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They come with a bunch of cords so that they can connect their smartphone to everything like a television, a car and probably a space ship too.

4. Covers and panels

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If they come across a new mobile cover, they won’t hesitate to buy it right away, even if they have a collection of covers and panels that’s equivalent to their wardrobe.

  1. Data, data & more data

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They consume data voraciously. The amount of data used by an addict in a day could suffice four people for a month.

6. Headsets

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You’ll never find them without a pair of headsets, ever. Their armoury for mobile accessories consists of a separate section dedicated to headsets. The categories include every kind you’ve ever known – over the head, in-ear, Bluetooth… you name it, they have it.

7. Camera gadgets

camera, lens


No, not the clichéd selfie stick, we are talking about lenses and gadgets that give smartphones the power to do things a DSLR can.


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