Faltu Kharcha when you buy your first car

Faltu Kharcha You Can’t Resist When You Buy Your First Car

It’s truly a euphoric feeling to own your first car. And in the fit of the moment, every first-time car owner wants to do everything (read Faltu Kharcha) for his/her new darling. Fancy seat covers, daily car wash, or maybe a few trinkets to hang in the car are expenses that even a veteran car owner would incur. But what distinguishes a veteran car owner from a first-time car owner are these crazy expenses that’ll make you wonder ‘Faltu kharcha kyun?’

Here’s what these insane kharchas look like:

1. Loooooong Drives

lady driver, speeding, black car

The longer the better, well until the fuel prices aren’t hiked again. Unfortunately for us city dwellers, we’ll get lucky if we could go 2 km without encountering a traffic jam.

2. Road Trips

gang of girls

It’s almost as frequent as once or twice every month. Goa, Manali, Munnar, no distance seems far when you have a gaadi, yaar!

3. High-tech Gadgets to Air Fragrance

Macaulay Kulkin, home alone, limousine

You know it’s a new car when it smells of new leather seats and those special car fresheners inside. Also, that amplifier could put a disco-tech to shame. And of course having a refrigerator, some plush cushions, an LCD screen, mobile holder, customised keychain and everything else in the car accessory shop is a must.

4. Going anywhere & everywhere in the car

black & white, old car

Whether it’s to the neighbouring state or even to the nukkad, they don’t leave home without their new car. Walking is for the lesser mortals.

5. Car Spa

car washing

If they are not seen washing the car on the weekends they are seen at the car spa. In fact, a visit to the car spa is an important event marked in their calendar, every fortnight.

6. Paying extra for a special car number plate

custom number plate

Every first car needs a special licence plate with something like the owner’s date of birth or a lucky number recommended by Shastri ji or even a binary code on it.



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