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10 Types Of Faltu Kharcha Your Best Friend Should Stop Doing Immediately

When it comes to friendship, we blindly keep everything aside for the one who is our extended family. We promise to never judge them by their flaws, even if it means they are the ‘spenders’ of the group. We all have that one friend who wastes money like the government spends on digging roads. We fight, swear off, convince them about their ‘faltu kharcha’ but cannot succeed in changing them, but it’s our job to try, isn’t it?

These friends never really change their nature of being super-generous. Be it the smallest thing to the most important decision, we are afraid of taking their help in a financial matter, mainly because of their poor ability in spending money.

But for their well-being here are the 10-faltu kharchas they should stop doing immediately.

 1. Spending like a Nawabzaada in the first week of every month

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It’s like the twitch of a Parkinson’s patient. Well not literally, but this twitch is that ‘haat ki khujli’ your friend gets at the start of every month when there’s money in his bank account.

2. Spending money on shopping and occasionally buying things for you

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He has money in his bank account, so why not let him spend on expensive clothing? Wrong!!! (Pun intended and sorry Virat Kohli).

3. Covering your tab at a party when you don’t have money

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It happens so often we fail to calculate just how much money your friend is spending on you. Although your friend wouldn’t say a thing, but hey, it’s your job to curb this habit of his, isn’t it?

4. Getting expensive gifts for friends

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There are gifts and then there are expensive gifts. Gifts are good, but expensive gifts are not. Tell your friend to spend less on others and more on himself/herself.

5. Spending on expensive personal care products

boy, specs

Spending Rs.500 for a 50gm body soap? Will it wash away his sins too?

6. Enrolls for an expensive gym membership and then stops going after a month

angry man

It happens so often you get the feeling like, “lol, I have a friend who keeps doing just that!”

7. Eating out way too much


By eating out, we don’t mean gatecrashing weddings or enjoying the free ‘langar’ in a Gurudwara, which by the way is very smart; but we mean unnecessary spending on junk food every day just because he can afford to (at least at the start of the month, that is).

8. Overspending on entertainment

Anushka Sharma, smile

Who doesn’t like watching a good movie now and then, but stop your friend from doing faltu kharcha on every goddamn movie Bollywood every released!

Special mentions: Jaani Dushman, Mela, Bombay Velvet, Love Story 2050.

9. Using credit cards recklessly

Will Ferrel

There’s a thin line between indulgence and recklessness. Would you let your friend suffer through lifelong credit card debts? No, right?


10. Spending way too much on their boyfriends/girlfriends

money, tears

Paying for mobile bills to mobile recharges and dinner dates to romantic drives; when someone falls in love, the bank account follows through. Consider the 9 points above and multiply it by 2. That’s the amount your friend ends up paying. Urge him to spend smartly.