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10 Types Of Faltu Kharcha Your Girlfriend Should Stop Doing Immediately

Oh hey! So you’re head over heels for this perfect woman for who you’ll travel the length of the globe just to get a cup of Kopi Luwak eh? Well, good on you friend! But, we’re not here to discuss that really.

So moving on; if you’ve been/are in a relationship, you will somewhat agree that there are these little habits your girlfriend has which manage to tick you off. Your girlfriend’s habit of doing ‘faltu kharcha’ is just one example of it.

So sit down, read and give it a smile. It’s all in good humour anyway.

P.S – Make your girlfriend read this at your own risk!

1. Faltu kharcha on expensive beauty products

Selena Gomes, hair dryer

Dear women, we love you! You know we love you a lot and we also understand that you need grooming products just like we do, but why do you have 3 types of shampoos, oils, moisturisers, lotions and potions? What sorcery is this really?

2. Faltu kharcha in buying the same pair of shoes in 5 colours

fat guy

Shoes are the Achilles heel of a woman! But buying the same pair in 5 different colours? What faltu kharcha is that, Lord?!!!

3. Faltu kharcha on spa’s and beauty parlours

Brad Pitt

Everyone needs pampering now and then, but spending ridiculous amounts of money on expensive spa sessions and beauty treatments every week is something that needs to be stopped! Faltu kharcha again, isn’t it?

4. Faltu kharcha on expensive Coffee


Spending Rs. 300 on a cup of coffee? Were the coffee beans imported from another planet

5. Faltu kharcha on Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch, and Dinner

James Franco

The way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach just like a man’s; it’s just that their taste buds demand expensive food! That was a joke, but you get the drift right? Who the hell even invented the term ‘Brunch’?

6. Faltu kharcha on expensive Mobile phones

James Franco

How is spending Rs.60,000 on an expensive mobile phone justified when the same features are available on a mobile phone half the price?

7. Faltu kharcha in buying designer bags

black and white

Remember Bagwati from ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’? Well, that’s exactly what we’re talking about! Bags are supposed to be for utility, not for luxury, right? Why the faltu kharcha on expensive designer labels?

8. Faltu kharcha over accessories

jewellery, accessories, black dress

If all the accessories your girlfriend owns were tied to each other end to end, it’ll be enough to circle planet earth…………THRICE!!!

9. Faltu kharcha on expensive hair treatments!!!


Why does her haircut or hair colour need to be equivalent to the GDP of a small nation?

10. Faltu kharcha on sky-high mobile bills

Taylor Swift, Mobile phone

There’s a thin line between using a phone and abusing a phone. That line is called ‘Faltu Kharcha’ on high mobile bills.

It’s good to be a social butterfly, and we know you cannot live without sharing the minute details of your day with your bestie, but at least spend money right!

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