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7 Faltu Kharchas Bollywood Does

100-200-and 300-Crore clubs is what Bollywood is getting about. The success of today’s movies is measured by the money it earns, and also by the money that is spent in its production. People talk more about a movie’s “Budget” instead of its story. In such times, filmmakers willingly throw senseless amounts of wealth on sets, locations, actors, nakhras of actors and blah blah. Presenting a few of the long list of faltu kharchas that Bollywood does all the time.

1. Background dancers

K3G, SRK, Hritik Roshan

50 people suddenly start dancing behind the Hero if he decides to embarrass himself on a busy market street! That really doesn’t make sense because we are still expected to concentrate on the hero’s moves. (Remember Govinda? If you don’t, think of Salman Khan :P)

2. Foreign destinations

Hritik Roshan, K3G

How do they reach from Sajjanpur to Switzerland in just 2 minutes of falling in love? More so, why?! How do they manage to get money for all those parachute rides, skiing, and singing and shouting while throwing snow on each other?! Why can’t they enjoy that cute phase just like us, i.e by using free Whatsapp calling feature or just Skype?

3. VVVFX (VERY Virtual Visual Effects)

Ajay Devgan, scorpio, stunts

Scorpios doing somersaults in Rohit Shetty’s movies is not even the first absurd use of technology that Bollywood has done; go watch Jaani Dushman. No Bollywood, it looks fake, and we don’t believe it even though you’ve spent lakhs of rupees on that scene.

4. Illogical item songs

Katrina Kaif, Sheila Ki Jawaani, Tees Maar Khan

The one thing that Bollywood needs to stop tripping over! Meaningless dancing in revealing clothes, with all the glitter and expensive actresses, cannot save a poor storyline. Refer to Tees Maar Khan for more details.

5. Lavish Sets

Devdas, Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Dola Re

Humongous sets with elaborate decoration and hundreds of people hired to make it look crowded, this is one of the biggest faltu kharchas that Bollywood has been doing since long. These are built by spending lakhs of rupees to shoot just a 3-minute song.

6. Faltu number of bad guys that the Hero has to beat

Ajay Devgn, Singham

Bollywood movies have made us acquainted with the fact that a Hero can beat up 25 men single-handedly; when he is stabbed, shot at, or is bleeding. I mean why the kharcha of so many villains?! We get the point; the hero is immortal.

7. That one vegetable lorry

Russel Peters

Yes! This is the thing that is bound to get destroyed in a fight scene in any Bollywood film. A bad guy falling on a lorry; and tomatoes, onions, etc. getting scattered is the commonest thing that apparently makes an action scene “intense”.


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