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9 Faltu Kharchas Your Rich Friend Needs To Stop Doing

Well, this might not be applicable to every ‘Ameer baap ka beta’ out there, but it is safe to say that many of them do indulge in faltu kharcha now and again. Wasting daddy’s enormous wealth seems to be their life’s only purpose. Here’s a list that sums up the wasteful expenses they do that make us go “Bhai, faltu kharcha kyun?”

1. Driving uber expensive cars

red car, driving, kid

18-year-old kids driving around in an 18lac car to the college is not a status symbol; it’s faltu kharcha! Where’s the sense in that, rich parents?

2. Always buying branded stuff

Store, clothing, trials

And when we mean branded stuff, we talking nothing less than a Versace or an Armani tee. Bhai, keemat dekh kar toh hamaari rooh kaanp jaati hai!

3. Expensive? Naah…Luxury accessories!

Wrist watch


Have you ever seen those watches or handbags in lifestyle magazines with the price mentioned as ‘On Request’? That ‘on request’ literally translates to Rs.50,000,000 plus exclusive rights to sacrifice your soul to the Dark Lord Voldemort. Faltu kharcha kyun?

4. Always spends on the latest phones

Harry Potter, Professor Snape, Alan Rickman

The probability of your rich friend buying an expensive phone is directly proportionate to the mobile company releasing the phone for sale on the market. Release hua aur aapke dost ne khareeda!

5. Lavish birthday parties


Spending the equivalent of a small nation’s GDP on a birthday party? How’s that even justified my dear Dan Bilzerian?

6. Spending a fortune on buying gifts

Benedict Cumberbatch, ring, gift

Buying gifts for someone you love or someone you care for is quite alright, but draw a line somewhere ameer-zaade.

7. Overspending in eating out

Family dinner

The rich don’t eat Idli sambhar; they eat steamed lentil and rice breads with spicy vegetable broth stew which cost 50 times more. You get the drift right?

8. Overspending on entertainment

Mariah Carey

Your rich friend doesn’t believe in spending time and money on watching a movie or a serene drive to a scenic location; instead his idea of entertainment is hitting 10 different pubs and nightclubs over the span of a weekend! And the amount spent? Don’t even ask about it, sir.

9. Expensive Personal grooming treatments

face scrub

Rs. 500 for a soap? Does it wash away your sins too? Faltu kharcha kyun, bhai?


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