4 Problems former generations faced

Four Problems The Previous Generations Faced Which We Can’t Even Think Of Today

Telecom industry is one of those industries which have had a miraculous change in the last few decades itself. Listed below are some things which our parents faced in the 80s and 90s which we can’t even think of today.

1.    Call booking

Not very long ago, as my father recalls, he had to cycle all the way to a distant STD booth and wait for hours to get his call booked and finally received at the other end by his parents to finally get to talk to them. Today, we can complete the same process in just a few taps on our touchscreen smartphones.

2.    Landline phones

Not very long ago, mobile phones were almost unheard of in India.  Even when people started buying them, they were rarely used because of costing almost thrice as much as a call from a landline phone. STD booths could be found at every nook and corner of every street. Today, however, the setting has evolved. Every person has a mobile phone in his pocket with a sim card which allows them to call anyone they want at just 1 paisa per second. The STD booths have extinguished, and so have the wired landline phones.

3.    Satellite Phones

These were portable phones used before the mobile phones. These phones did not receive signals out of towers like mobile phones, but from the satellites orbiting the earth. The cost as well as voice clarity and signal strength used to be major issues with such phones.

4.    First set of Mobile Phones

The first mobile phone, launched by Motorola in the 1980s, used to be of the size of a large briefcase. Hence, they were confined to automobiles. The voice and signal clearance was a big issue in these phones.

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