Here’s a Mobile Bill Cutter you can’t beat

No soul in this world loves to be battered by mobile bills, poor network quality or unsolicited value added services. All the effort you spend in finding the best mobile plan that gets you a laundry list like mobile bill at the end of every month is just not worth it. You really need to get the game plan right with some proven sidekicks by Bill Bachao that ensure maximum savings. Curious? Read on

Bill Bachao is an ultimate mobile spends monitoring app. It learns your usage and recommends optimum mobile plans that can help you save up to 30% on your mobile spends. Bill Bachao can find, fix and prevent all sorts of usage issues is less than 2 minutes. Sound’s incredibly unbelievable, right? Here’s how it works:

Find’s you the best network:

Best Network

Bill Bachao helps you find the best mobile network at one click. It uses the signal strength as one of the primary factors to determine the best network in your area. Good bye call drops!

Best mobile plans:

best plan_1
Best Mobile Plans

It fixes all your payment glitches by recommending best mobile plans. Be assured, you’d never pay a penny extra as Bill Bachao recommends you the best plans based on your usage with lowest tariff possible.

Prevents you from overpaying

playstore usage details
Usage Details

Set alerts for every little thing, be it talktime or data usage. With Bill Bachao, you’ll never have to worry about running out of talktime or data as it keeps you informed about your usage from time to time. This way you don’t just succeed in keeping an eye on your usage but also save yourself from overpaying.

So before you become a victim of long mobile bills, we suggest you to download Bill Bachao to knock ‘em down!

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