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How 2015 Will Change The Way You Use Technology

The revolution in the telecom sector, especially in India, is relatively new. The people of this country actually started using mobile phones, just about a decade ago. It was a luxury that not everyone could afford to buy or maintain. And today, in the year 2015, almost every person carries a smartphone in their pockets.

But, 2015 is still a very significant year for the evolution of the telecom sector, as can be noticed through the following predictions being made about the development of the telecom industry, by the end of this year.

1.    4G – Airtel has already introduced the 4G networks in major cities across the country. Other telecom brands are trying their best to occupy the remaining cities. Currently, due to higher costs and a very restricted availability, 4G hasn’t gained the real momentum. This is expected to happen by the end of this year, when all cities of the country would be 4G enabled; and hence, customers won’t face any inconvenience in having to find a suitable place to use their networks.

2.    Wearables – Another thing that 2015 brought to the Indian market was smart wearables – gadgets like the smart watch, smart digital eyeglasses, etc., which would help one stay connected with their music and other apps, by simply wearing them in your homes, offices, or even while you travel. But, just like the mobile phones were a decade ago, these are way too expensive for the common man. But by the end of this year, these gadgets are expected to become cheaper, and hence, more accessible to the general public. Further, many more such wearables are expected to be developed before the end of this year by specific industries, like healthcare and financial services.

3.    Mobile Payments – The trend of mobile payments is not new to 2015. It has been in the market for many years now, and is being increasingly preferred by customers, due to the sheer convenience of the system. By the end of 2015, the horizons of these mobile payments are expected to widen to include many more spheres, like paying your car parking tickets and petrol bills, through your mobile phone.

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