Network Issues During Disasters

How Can Mobile Phone Issues Be Overcome During Festivals Or Disasters?

The simple reason why we face network difficulties during festivals and natural disasters is that many people are trying to make calls, at the very same time. This leads to clogging of networks. For situations like attacks or natural disasters, here’s a list of easy tips to follow, in order to prevent network clogging:

1. Only emergency phone calls: When there’s a disaster, we tend to send/receive way too many phone calls from relatives and close ones. This is what leads to network clogging. Hence, the calls made during an emergency should only be to emergency numbers. No other call should be sent or received. Moreover, to keep the network clear, even the emergency calls should be short and to the point.

2. Try other modes of communication: If you’re not able to connect, or you have to deliver a non-emergency message, you can also use the other assured, albeit slower, modes of communication on your mobile phone. SMS is one such option where you can send a message, and the phone automatically delivers it whenever it receives the signal. Even e-mails can be used for this purpose.

3. Buffer time before redialling: Usually, when we can’t connect to a number, we press the redial button as soon as we end that call. But, at time of emergency or disasters, there should be enough time for the previous frequencies to die out, before making the new phone call. Hence, there should be a minimum gap of ten seconds between two calls.

4. Backup battery options: A situation of disaster may lead to long-term loss of electricity. Therefore, you should always have backup battery options ready for use in such cases. Some things that can be used as backup are other pre-charged batteries or a portable charger. In case of an emergency, even a car battery can be used to charge your mobile phone battery.

5. Procedures for managing rapid increase in traffic by the service provider: One additional thing that you must make sure of, well in advance to prevent any issues, is that your service provider has procedures in place for managing rapid increase in traffic within your locality.

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