Solving your network issues

In A Box – Solving your network issues

Network problems are the biggest problems being faced by the people around the world today, especially when it comes to remote areas. Even though the telecom companies are trying their best to set up network in every corner, there are still number of places where this hasn’t been possible yet.

However, these network problems are not only restricted to geography. At times of heavy rains, or worse natural disasters, the first thing that effects the people of that area is the network problem. This is a huge issue, since this results in cutting them off from the whole world and making it so much more difficult to communicate with them.

Finally, the researchers have been able to come up with a solution to such a grave problem. Prototypes are being developed which, when installed in any disaster struck area, would provide every normal mobile phone in a specific range with solar powered signals. This can help them make calls, text or even use the internet.

Some benefits of such a solar network generator are huge in the modern world. Some of them are listed below:

1. One of the biggest issues with normal day to day mobile signal providers is that they become inefficient as soon as a disaster strikes. This solar signal generator aims at overcoming this drawback.

This is a very compact and portable system with a solar panel on top, which makes it easier to carry and install even at places without proper electricity. With today’s technology, this can also be easily dropped from a helicopter without damaging it, in order to reach the places that have become inaccessible at the time of disaster. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this technology has the potential to save many lives.

2. Secondly, there are areas which do not have network connectivity at all, even without a natural disaster. Generally such areas are scarcely populated, and are devoid of government control and supervision because of lack of communication. This solar signal generator could be very helpful for the people living in such areas to communicate with the authorities in case of any emergency and be connected to the world in general.

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