INTHIA: Latest Updates & Everything You Need To Know

One of the most extensive programs launched by our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi in the country was “Make in India”. With the help of increased technology and abundant manpower, he wants to create an India which is self-dependent on most of the spheres, if not all.

“INTHIA”, which stands for Information Telecommunications & Handset Industry Association, is a huge step towards achieving that dream. It is an association of various telecom brands and telecom manufacturers and sellers from three countries – India, Taiwan and China. In India, INTHIA is based in Gurgaon, and is currently working with the assistance of more than sixteen thousand IT and Telecom professionals, in order to carry out the purpose of its launch.

Even before going Live, INTHIA has already acquired a huge fan following on social media, with the number of people supporting and promoting this initiative on platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook, increasing by the minute.

With the help of some of the most tech-savvy professionals in this triangle of India, China and Taiwan, INTHIA has already established a foundation to begin with. And, as it progresses and gains more momentum, it is expected to create abundant employment opportunities for various IT professionals in these countries. All of which is expected to happen by the end of 2015 itself.

Some of the features of INTHIA include:

1. Make in India initiative: One of the strongest selling points of INTHIA is its support of the ‘Make in India’ initiative. Our Prime Minister believes that India has enough resources, connections as well as the manpower to make it the biggest manufacturing hub of the world.

2. Training and certification: This association also aims towards establishing a training and education platform, for the tech-savvy Indian youth, in collaboration with the best universities around the world, to make them employable in electronics manufacturing market as is being established by this association.

3. Global distribution: The ultimate aim of INTHIA is to expand its business into the global market, thus reducing the imports and expanding the exports made by India. This, in turn, would help in strengthening the Indian economy and bringing it at par with the global standards, as set by the US or the European Union.

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