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7 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A ‘Jugaadu’ Friend In Life

Yes, the name that just clicked in your head is your ‘Jugaadu’ friend! Now, friends are plenty, but there’s always this one unique species of friends who are worthy of this tag. They are the first people that you think of when you are in trouble. Be it about your relationship, bailing you out of trouble or just plain convincing your parents for something; the Jugaadu friend can handle it all! That and much much more.

So here’s a list of things why that Jugaadu friend is an important part of your life:

1. They don’t have the word ‘NO’ in their vocabulary


Your jugaadu friend is a math equation where your ‘question’ is a variable, but his ‘YES’ is always constant! Ok, that was a bad joke, but the point being, there’s no place for NO in your jugaadu friends dictionary. Get the drift?

2. Girlfriend se jhagda ya police ka lafda, your jugaadu friend is your ‘go to’ person


Your jugaadu friend is your agony aunt and your lawyer at the same time. You remember him/her before any other relative when you call out for help. This is because, be it 3 am or the North Pole, they’ll come for you whenever and wherever you need.

3. You’ll never get bored when they’re around

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A jugaadu friend is definitely fun to hang out with. They’re outspoken social keedas who can always keep a conversation going. They can make any place fun, and if the place is too boring, well; they’ll already know a place that is fun!

 4. They’re experts at finding solutions


This is one of their best characteristics. Where your mind stops thinking, their brain begins to work. They always have a solution for when things go wrong. Their motto is, ‘There’s a jugaad for everything in this world.’

5. They have multiple solutions to any given problem

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There’s a plan in everything and that plan has a sub plan too! Your Jugaadu friend always has a fallback option just in case the primary plan fails. In short, he’s general Hannibal from A-Team!

 6. They’re masters in the dark art of ‘networking’ with the right people

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Be it the good guys or the bad; your Jugaadu friend has acquaintances in all the right places. You need tickets to that concert or cricket match, you need to get things solved with the college administration or you simply need material to study right before the exam; the Jugaadu friend will work up his/her magic.

7. You can always trust them to give you the best advice

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Your Jugaadu friend is a culmination of all the good things you expect from a friend. They’re witty, they’re street smart and they know how to get things done. But more than that, your Jugaadu friend is someone you can always trust to give you the best advice and be there when you need them. Pretty similar to our ‘Bill Bachao’ app. The most jugaadu app for all your mobile service needs!

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