Latest Trends

Latest Trends Affecting The Way We Do Business

Today’s era of business is defined by the rapid changes which are taking place on a massive level, and have become the hallmarks of success for bigger companies. People are now trying to do some positive transformations, so that they can improve their business and compete with the giants.

These trends are what one should follow to reach up to the benchmark of success. With time, these trends along with their criteria changes, have ensured that the one thing that is constant is change; and we must do everything to keep up with it.

1.    Digital Transformation

The industrial-age process can be redesigned and reinvented by the use of digital technology. It is only due to digital technology that consumers and business behaviours are evolving. Today, an instant pizza company acts more like a software company, rather than a retailer or a manufacturer.

2.    Citizen Developers

Citizen developers are the professionals who take their decisions in a firm, and then implement solutions as per their decisions. They also develop business applications according to the requirements of the company. Technology has decreased the gap between those who use it, as compared to those who built it. Citizen developers are the perfect example of those two categories. They can both develop the application and accelerate the solution implementation.

3.    IT Democratization

The IT firms and companies are being provided by applications developed by Citizen Developers. This has led to the development of a democratic IT environment. This in turn, will help to increase the excellence amongst the IT professionals empowering business users to take their decisions.

4.    Innovation by integration
Nowadays, cloud services are available in companies which let their employees and practitioners join into networks, and communicate to share their ideas and viewpoints. Cloud based API’s have been released to bridge the gap to deliver seamless transaction of work and ideas.

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