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Looking into the Telecom Crystal Ball

Every year, there are some significant updates or new platforms introduced in the market to help the users make their lives easier via the mobile and telecom industry.

With the level of advancement in the field of technology, the telecom industry is trying various possibilities to make life easier for the users of the mobile industry. There are some new updates available that will make various daily tasks easier with the help of mobile phones.

Here are some of these new updates that can be expected from the telecom industry in the year 2016:
Facebook is planning to launch a platform for the youth to allow them to make their payments with the help of Facebook messenger. This will help them buy products or services that are marketed or advertised on Facebook. There is no certain information as yet as to how it will be embedded to the messenger.

‘Wearable products’, also regarded as one of the largest market trends, is a new technology entering the market. It has had a huge impact and we can expect plenty of wearable products like the ‘Google Cardboard’ that can be used through mobile phones. These new wearable accessories are not only for entertainment but also to personalize their home.

The much awaited NFC will be on full fledge. NFC is nothing but near field communication. It helps in connecting multiple Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled devices to share data without any need of cable connection. There are plenty of online videos and news circulating the internet about various NFC features that can be offered and some will be implemented in the new devices and operating systems. Latest updated NFC features will be offered on various mobiles.

The media streamed future upgrade- Since there is a lot of demand in the market for streamlined services, users are moving towards the services that offer features on demand by users. This also provides cross platform access of videos online.

LTE, abbreviated as long-term evolution, will be gaining more pace as every mobile device owner will be receiving LTE service. It is also considered as the 4G service of internet platform for mobile data from their telecom service providers. Almost every mobile data operator is updating LTE.

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