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The android operating system was made by Google more than 10 years ago. Today, the operating system is still undergoing constant development and upgrades. Android is the most widely used operating system in smartphones and tablets. It is fundamentally built for touchscreen devices and interacts with its users using touch actions such as pinch, tap, swipe, etc.

There are billions of applications available for android based devices and thousands more are being developed each week. Google Play Store is the largest marketplace for downloading these android applications. Here are the latest trends in the android marketplace.

  • Starbucks Mobile Pay
    Starbucks, the world’s largest retail coffee chain, recently launched Starbucks Mobile Pay app, which enables you to pay for your order using an android device. The app is a gift for the thousands of Starbucks regulars who have to wait in line to pay for their daily dose of caffeine.
  • GoBe – The Friendship App
    Unlike dating apps, where you can meet an individual you like, through the GoBe app, you meet an entire group of people. If you are new to a city or just like meeting new people then the GoBe app can help you make some new friends.
  • Milk Music for Samsung
    Milk Music is the latest from the list of music streaming android apps. What makes Milk Music better than the other music apps available is that the app is completely ad free and also gives you more customizing options for setting up your music stations. However, this app is exclusively available for Samsung devices only.
  • INKCASE PLUS – Battery Saver
    The best way to increase the battery life of your smartphone is to activate a second screen for it. If you are the type to check your phone constantly then this app could be very useful for you. Through INKCASE you can avoid using the main display of your phone and save up precious battery life.

Accessing all of these apps require continuous internet connectivity. As such, data usage charges can get a bit expensive for users. BillBachao is an android app which will help you reduce your mobile expenses. Using a complex software of algorithms, BillBachao recommends you the most optimal data plans and in turn it helps you cut down on unnecessary expenditure.

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