Mobile Spend Trends In India

mobile spend trends

From the current 1.01 billion telecom users in India, 239 million are smartphone users. And this number of smartphone subscribers is steadily increasing by over 8 million per month at a whopping growth rate of 43.23%. This smartphone population is served by 11 telecom operators who currently earn Rs. 104 from every prepaid user and Rs. 469 from every postpaid user each month.  The combined spends of postpaid and prepaid users amounts to around $ 21.4 billion, or Rs. 1422.68 billion, on telecom every year.

Although these figures are massive, but statistically, 95% users are on plans not suited as per their usage habits. Most of the smartphone users drown in the complex pool of mobile plans as they have too much to choose from. They pick a plan based on gut and end up spending more. To simply put, they are spending more money on call and data services than they ideally should. Sadly, they’re spending a lot either on services they don’t use, or on the plans they don’t need.

However, there are now mobile Apps, which not only monitor and track mobile usage, but also recommend the best mobile plans enabling users to save as much as 25% on mobile bills.  Bill Bachao is one such app that can help you save on your mobile spends. Download now & start saving!