Portable Power Bank

Portable Power Bank – A Blessing To Mobile Users

Gone are the days when the first thing you asked anyone you met was “chhote pin wala charger hai kya?” There’s a great invention to put our constant pursuit of chargers and plug points to an end – the Portable Power Bank. This a small device, small enough to fit in your pocket, which has the potential of charging your phone two or even three times using a simple USB cord. It is certainly a blessing to the growing number of mobile phone users in the country. Some advantages of a portable power bank are:

1. Reduces dependence on electricity: This is a very useful device for the mobile phone users in remote areas with limited electricity. All they need to do is charge their power banks regularly once, which can be done with a laptop or even in a car, and use their mobile phones without requiring any electricity for the entire day.

2. High powered batteries: The portable power banks have a very high powered battery, which can be charged very quickly. But, it’s still strong enough to charge your mobile phones twice or thrice, without requiring a constant recharge.

3. Easy to charge: Since a portable power bank can be charged through a USB cord, it is very easy to charge this device. It can be attached to any laptop, it can be charge with a mobile phone charger, and it can even be charged in the car.

But there’s a flip side to every coin; for example, excessive and careless usage of this device can also be harmful to your phone batteries and the phone itself. Here are certain disadvantages of the portable power bank:

1. Bulky to use: Using your phone while it is connected to a power bank can be tricky, given their short cords. In order to use a phone plugged in to a power bank, you need to hold both your phone and your power bank together.

2. Reduces battery life: If you plug your phone to a power bank without your phone actually requiring it, it may lead to draining of your phone battery. Moreover, the prolonged usage of the portable power bank can lead to weakening of your phone batteries and reduce their lives.

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