Say No to Spam with Bill Bachao

Got up this morning and found hundreds of unread messages on your phone? Generally, you’d curse the sender and sadly begin reading each one. But hold your horses! Do you know how many of these messages are spam? Advertisers these days are smart and they’ve got all the crazy hacks to get to you.

What’s Spam?
By definition, any unsolicited message that you receive from an anonymous sender/advertiser is Spam. It might contain links to phishing websites or sites that host malware. These messages may also contain executable scripts or attachments.

But why would anyone send me spam?
All of us have had this question at some point of time. Spammers use a simple math game – higher the messages sent, higher the probability of people responding to it. Think of it this way, if a spammer has one million phone numbers, he simply needs a fraction of them to action upon it for a windfall financial gain. Wondering what would you do to save yourself from all the unsought calls or messages? We’ve got you covered, read on.

So how do I stop advertisers from spamming me?
Just activate DND using Bill Bachao and be diligent before you sign up for something on the web. Beware of that innocent looking message that says, “Yes, I’d love to receive promotional messages,” or “I’ll be happy to connect with advertisers or third parties.” You’d stop receiving unwanted telemarketing calls and messages once you activate DND.

Activate DND with Bill Bachao

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