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10 Signs That Show You Are A Money-Minded Person

Well, you know how hard earned your money is, and you realise it more everytime you spend it. Your secret mantra is, “a rupee saved is a rupee earned”, and every time an onlooker is shocked to see your genius money-saving hacks, you tell them proudly; “Bhai, Nakad Hi Narayan Hai!”

So yes, you’ve devised intelligent ways to save those extra bucks and your list is bound to include the following.

  1. Your favourite pizza flavour is “1+1 Free”.

one plus one pizza

  1. You add one toothbrush to the cart to cut the delivery price of online shopping.

adding to online shopping cart

  1. Life cycle of your t-shirt: Party wear –> Home wear –> Night dress –> Pochha.


  1. A movie is most fun in the morning show.

watching movies

  1. “Poma” is just a letter different from “Puma”.

funny puma to coma

  1. You mutilate the toothpaste tube.

removing toothpaste


  1. Old newspapers are your “investment”.

reading newspaper

  1. Free “dhaniya” is your birthright and no sabziwala can deny it.

mouse eating vegetables

  1. Free Wi-Fi is not the hero you need, but the hero you deserve.

when you get free wifi

  1. You scan the internet with eyes of an eagle for Ola and Uber coupons.

looking for deals online

So don’t think twice about pinching pennies and carry on with your motto of life: “Aam ke aam guthliyon ke daam!” So if you can relate to the above 10 points, we’re sure you’ll love Bill Bachao!   So download now and get cashback of 5% on every mobile recharge worth Rs.100 and cashback of 10% on every mobile recharge worth Rs.250. Download now!