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7 Surprisingly Simple Hacks From People Who Always Bag Great Deals Online

What was it about online shopping that made online sales jump by almost 300% in the year 2015? Did people just get up one fine morning and suddenly realized the convenience of shopping online or was it because of the lucrative deals that gave them more value for a buck spent? It is a little hard to speculate but at the end of it, the customer has come out as the winner.

Brands are finding new ways to reach consumers through lucrative cash discounts, promo codes, cashback deals, limited period exclusive sales and we’re sure you’ve availed of at least one such offer sometime.  

However, what about that one time when you bought a product online but your friend got the exact same product for a much lesser price? Or that one time when your product went out of stock! Hurts right?

What if we tell you that there is a proven art of bagging great deals online, every time? Surprised? Don’t be; we’ve got something you’ll love to read. 

1.) Do it when nobody else is doing it
Shop at odd hours in the night because websites have lower traffic making your shopping experience a breeze. If a contest starts on a particular date, try post midnight when the date changes.

Shop at odd hours

2.) Remember your cards by heart
Waste no time searching for passwords or credit card details. Remember them by heart; you’re not the only one eyeing that product online now, are you?

Memorize credit card details

3.) Try and try till you succeed
Refresh! That’s your mantra here. Keep refreshing and re-attempting, because things on the internet change every second.

Refreshing the page

4.) Hit the hammer when the iron is hot
Set alarms and reminders when a contest or sale goes live. You don’t want to curl up in a fetal position and cry your heart out if the product you wanted goes out of stock.

Set alarms

5.) Use the cheat sheet
Dig deep till you find that hidden gems. And by these ‘hidden gems’, we are talking about the magical promo codes and coupon codes.

Cheat Sheets

6.) Activate the CID mode in you
Learn the dark arts of how the internet functions. Switch websites, switch apps, delete cookies and try again. Do what it takes to nail that deal.

Switch sites


7.) Small is always big
Never ever ignore cashback deals. They seem small, but have huge benefits if you’re a regular online shopper.

Small is big

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