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Simple Tricks To Ensure Better Mobile Connectivity

More often than you realise, you end up in areas with very weak network or no mobile signal. And in a world like today, where the mobile phone is a lifeline for many, a loss of signal can mean a matter of major outrage. But, before you begin to pull your hair from your scalp, here are few simple tricks you can try to recover your mobile signal:

1. Try holding your phone a different way: Despite what you might believe, this old desi trick can actually help in some cases. Try holding your phone at a different angle, or maybe at a little height, in order to ensure nothing is obstructing the signal at a certain angle. Even holding your phone too tightly is enough to obstruct the receipt of proper signals, on your phone.

2. Glass tumbler trick: Another tried and tested trick to recover your phone signal temporarily is to keep your phone inside a glass tumbler. The least this trick can get you, is enough signal to make one phone call. Remember to use earphones or the loud-speaker to make this call.

3. Switch from 3G to 2G: There may be some areas where your operator’s 2G coverage is better than their 3G coverage. Hence, even though doing this may cause your internet speed to slow down, but switching to 2G will strengthen your mobile signal enough to make calls and send messages.

4. Install boosters: If you’re stuck in an area with no coverage on a daily basis, like your home or your office, then a simple trick is to invest in some signal boosters. Installing such boosters in a neutral area will definitely help with improving the signal, since these will help with whatever weak signal your place receives, will amplify the same and re-transmit it.

5. Check the signal strength of your service provider: If you’re facing a problem of signal strength on a regular basis, the fault may be in the coverage area of your service provider. You can check this by simply logging on to the website BillBachao or downloading the BillBachao app with a unique network signal strength checker feature, which can help you in comparing the signal strength of your service provider with various other providers.

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