Simplest way to track your mobile usage

Obsessed with your phone? Most of us are and there’s no saying No to it. Did you realize you’ve been looking at your phone 150 times a day? That’s exactly what a recent research report says, an average smartphone user unlocks his phone 110 times and looks at it 150 times a day. So what is it that keeps you hooked to your phone? Calls, instant messengers, social media or videos. If you’re a download junkie busy streaming HD videos, you’re at the risk of busting your data plan limits.

Here’s what your Mobile Break-up looks like

Usage Summary Bill Bachao
Track your Mobile Usage with Bill Bachao

Calls, text messages and data are three things that add up to your mobile bills. If you like being on top of your spends, weighing what you use is one thing that you should keep track of. Wondering how would you go about it, especially if you’re a prepaid user? Set your mind at rest as Bill Bachao lets you track your mobile usage in the quickest way possible, read on.

Track Your Mobile Usage

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Usage Details with Bill Bachao

Tracking mobile & data usage with Bill Bachao is easy. Just download the app and enable daily usage notification. The app starts tracking your usage in terms of calls made, messages sent and data consumed. You also get mobile plan recommendations based on your actual usage. Be wise, start tracking your usage, and never pay a penny extra for unused calls and data.

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