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Special Offers For Telecom Customers During The Festive Season In India

Festivals in India are something that the entire world envies. The unique blend of colours, grand celebrations, family bonds and varied religion makes every festival in India something to look forward to.

Nowadays, festivals are popular in the country for more than one reason – this is the time when you can get all the best discount offers on mobile recharge, especially for online mobile recharge. But choosing one of these offers can be quite tricky, since all seem so attractive at the moment. This blog will make sure you don’t face such a problem.

There are three types of special offers that mobile phone service providers come up with, during all these festivals.

1. The data centric schemes: These are schemes that focus on providing you with a cheaper usage of mobile data or internet connectivity from your mobile phone. Generally, a data centric scheme comes with some kind of a package concerning the talktime also, but there is rarely any discount involved in the talktime part of the deal. Network providers that provide such schemes include Idea and Airtel among many others.

2. The talktime centric schemes: These schemes focus on providing more talktime at a discounted rate to the customer. This also comes with some data offers and SMS offers combined, but, as in the previous case, there is rarely any discount involved in the latter part of such a scheme. Network providers that give a discount on talktime include Vodafone, Aircel, Airtel, etc.

3. Mixed scheme: The schemes which provide both talktime and mobile data usage at a discounted rate, are known as the mixed schemes. Vodafone, Idea, Airtel, Reliance, Aircel, etc. are known to provide such schemes.

It is very difficult for any customer, without keeping constant track of costs of talktime and data usage, to differentiate between the above three types of schemes. This is where BillBachao steps in.

The brand new BillBachao App can come in handy, when deciding on the most favourable festival offer. All you need to do is log on to the app or the website, and get a rough estimate of your data and talktime requirements. Then, while you sit back and relax, BillBachao compares all the schemes that are being provided by various mobile service providers, and shows you the best one for you.

Moreover, you can also go to the ‘Self Help’ section of the App in order to activate alerts, whenever a new scheme is launched by your service provider, so that you are up to date about all postpaid and prepaid recharge offers.

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