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16 Tips to Stop Faltu Kharcha on Road Trips

Travel is always fun, but what’s more fun? A road trip to nowhere! Well, not literally but you get the drift right!

Now, we all have that ‘one’ friend who’s always on the move and we wonder how the hell does he manage to do that so often. Must be a millionaire no? Wrong! It’s mostly about making smart choices and using smart strategies to save on faltu kharcha while you travel. And it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

So if you’ve been planning to go on that much-desired road trip, here are a few tips to save on faltu kharcha that you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Take your own vehicle/motorbike and not a rented one

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Why? Because it’s cost effective that way. You’re not just paying for the rent, but you’re also paying for the fuel. So why faltu kharcha on renting a vehicle?

2. Make sure your vehicle is operating efficiently and is fully serviced


The first thing you have to make sure before heading out on a road trip is the condition of your vehicle. You don’t want your road trip to be ruined because of some tiny issue with your vehicle now, do you?

3. Travel during off-season

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Any seasoned traveller will tell you that travelling off season is the best way to save tons of money. The rates are virtually half of what you’ll end up paying if you travel during the season.

4. Plan Ahead

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The first step towards a successful and fun road trip is planning. It’s a road trip so your itinerary need not be planned to the T, but make sure you have little thing figured out; like the travel route, the stay options etc.

5. But be flexible with the dates

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It’s a road trip for heaven’s sake! If you wanted a fully planned vacation, choose those guided travel tours instead.

6. Pack wisely

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You don’t plan to walk the ramp at the Milan fashion week, do you? So pack wisely and only carry the things that are essentials.

7. Check the roaming terms and conditions with your mobile service provider

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Your smartphone is going to be your best friend during that dream road trip you’ve been planning since ages. Make sure your mobile plan allows you to use data services on roaming else be sure to shell out precious dosh every time you post a selfie on facebook.

8. Have essential apps on your phone

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Apps are your allies when heading out on a road trip. Have all the essential apps you might need on your phone before you hit the road. You don’t want to be stuck when your balance runs out in the middle of nowhere right?

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9. Have a spare phone just in case there is an emergency

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What if you lose your phone while on the road? Not to sound negative, but you’re in an unknown territory so it’s best to be prepared for the worst. Gladly, the ‘best handset suggestion’ on Bill Bachao is a good way to choose a budget smartphone in this case.

10. Commute and stay in groups of 3 t o5

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Happiness is best experienced when you have people to share it with. Moreover, sharing is caring is saving.

11. Do not pre-book anything

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A lot of people will advise you to pre book everything. We, on the other hand, suggest otherwise. Be it your stay or adventure activities at your destination, it’s best to bargain. You will ‘surely’ get the best discounts!

12. Choose Home-stay over hotels wherever possible


It’s a road trip, not your honeymoon that you want the presidential suite in some lavish hotel in Santorini. Save on faltu kharcha by staying with a local family. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

13. Eat from local dhabas and not hotels

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Again, save on faltu kharcha by not indulging in expensive hotel food. If cooking is an option, do that; else, opt for a peaceful and cozy roadside dhaba.

14. Do as the locals do

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The locals are your best bet to experience the best of what their city has to offer. They’re the ones who’ll help you a lot on your travel escapades. Say no to paid guides! Faltu kharcha kyun?

15. Compromise on your luxuries, not experiences

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Save money. Save so you can strike something off that huge bucket list you’ve been curating from the time you came across something you’ve always wanted to do. Skydiving, snorkelling or a hot air balloon ride; what’s on your bucket list, eh?

16. And remember, don’t forget to have fun!

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Remember, it’s not just a road trip. It’s an experience like no other. You might not get a second chance at it.

As we say…Have feet…….will Travel! But, Faltu kharcha kyun?

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