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The iPhone 6S – What’s New?

The iPhone 6S developed by Apple Inc runs on iOS 9. The new iPhone 6S is not only bigger, but is also better in all aspects. It has become even more powerful now.

The hardware and software of the device combine together to function more efficiently. It’s just like a combination of the brain and the heart. Every element used in the creation of this device has been analysed carefully. The iPhone 6S has a thinner profile and it is composed of the thinnest display.  Users can zoom the screen closer with a double touch. The iPhone 6S sports Aerospace-grade aluminium and sturdier glass to help deflection against backlashes. It is featured with force touch that may be subtle yet effective.

You may also access shortcuts in the home screen of the device and go for easy recharge online. The iPhone 6S is almost identical to the iPhone6. Only some minor alterations were made in the hardware. You could even compare it to receiving an old product, but in a better packaging. To give users a crystal clear viewing experience, Apple has used better-aligned crystals. Some advanced features like focus pixel, face detection, noise reduction, etc. provide high quality photos and videos. It also has many supporting features like voice chat feature, face time HD 4K video, dedicated flash for front cameras, increased brightness of selfies, etc. For browsing, streaming music, video calls, etc. with the new iPhone, you should check network speed.

Live Photos is a feature that is present in the default mode that turns still shots into videos or GIFs. With the new Apple iPhone 6S, you can use focus pixels and face detection for clicking the best selfies. The iPhone 6s can download anything faster and it also supports wireless technologies to improve your performance. You may check network signal strength checker before buying a new SIM for your brand new iPhone.

The third generation Apple 64 bit chip is appreciated, as it is 70% faster than the A8 processors and is 90% faster in graphical tasks. Apple is known to provide security features in every device. The Touch ID technology with 360-degree readability makes use of fingerprint identity sensor that unlocks your phone securely.

As the slogan goes: “The only thing that’s changed is everything.”

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